Thursday, 12 July 2007

InsyaAllah akan menemui anda
mulai Ahad, 1 Rejab 1428 / 15 Julai 2007.

Semoga bermanfaat kepada semua.
Semoga Allah Menerima Amal Kita Bersama

Friday, 6 July 2007

Not In Our Name

“..Whoever kills an innocent soul.. it is as if he killed the whole of mankind, And whoever saves one, it is as if he saved the whole of mankind”
[The Quran, 5:32]

Not In Our Name

The Muslim communities across Britain are united in condemning the terrible atrocities of July 7 th in London .
We are united with the rest of the country at this sad time and pray for the victims' families and those injured. We have also lost close friends and relatives.
Islam forbids the killing of innocent people. We reject anyone who tries to link such brutal acts to the teachings of Islam.
We will not allow our faith to be hijacked by a few extremists. British Muslims should not be held responsible for the acts of a few individuals.
We are determined to work with the wider society to remove pockets of all forms of extremism in Britain .
We urge the media and politicians to maintain the values of our open society, free from prejudice, sustained by tolerance and mutual respect that cares for all.
We dedicate ourselves to work harder to serve the common good of British society.
We commit ourselves to building better partnerships with schools, businesses, government and faith communities to address racism, islamophobia and social exclusion.
We call on the international community to work towards a just and lasting peace in areas of conflict around the world to help eliminate the grievances that nurtures violence.
The unity of our society must be maintained and we should not allow divisions to emerge between citizens of Britain . We must remain friends, neighbours and colleagues and take Britain forward as one nation.

Al Birr Foundation UK n Al-Muntada Al-Islami Trust n Al-Quran Society n Arab Club of Britain n Association of Muslim Lawyers n Algerian Assembly of Europe n Al-Khoei Foundation n Algerian League of Britain n Bradford Council of Mosques n Bristol Muslim Cultural Society n British Lebanese Association n Confederation of Sunni Mosques- Midlands n Conservatives Muslim Forum n Council of European Jamaats n El- Nour Association n Eritrean Muslim Community Association n European Academy for Islamic Studies n European Trust n Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe n Federation of Student Islamic Societies FOSIS n Glasgow Central Mosque n Imams and Mosques Council n Imams Forum- UK n IMWF Dewsbury n Islamic Cultural Centre ICC / Central Mosque n Islamic Forum Europe n Islamic Foundation n Islamic Relief n Islamic Sharia Council n Islamic Society of Britain n Kensington Mosque Trust n Lancashire Council of Mosques n Lebanese Muslim League n Leeds Grand Mosque n Leeds Islamic centre n Leeds Muslim Forum n London Muslim Centre n Luton Council of Mosques n MAB Youth n Markazi Jamiat Ahl e Hadith UK n Masjid Al Tawheed-Leyton n Mayfair Islamic Centre n Moroccan Citizen Advice Bureau n Muslim Aid Muslim Association of Britain n Muslim College n Muslim Council of Wales n Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre n Muslim Directory n Muslim Doctors & Dentist Association n Muslim Health Network n Muslim News n Muslim Parliament n Muslim Safety Forum n Muslim Scouts Fellowship n Muslim Student Society n Muslim Welfare House Trust n Muslim Women Society n Muslimat UK n National Association of British Arabs n Noorul Islam Mosque- Leyton n North East Scottish Muslims n North London Central Mosque- Finsbury Park n Pakistan Foundation n Pakistan Human Development Funds UK n Pakistan International Forum UK n Q News n Shariah Council n Somali Association of Britain n The Islamic Shariah Council n Tower Hamlet Council of Mosques n UK Islamic Mission n West London Moroccan Wedadiya n World Federation of Khodja Shia Ithna Ashariya WF KSIMC n World Islamic Mission - Scotland n Young Muslims Organisation .